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A Second World War Historical Reenactment Unit in Texas, commemorating the service and sacrifice of the
6th Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) in Northwest Europe 1944-45

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* Joe Hunt, KOSB Update *

KOSB WWII Veteran Joe Hunt
takes part in Remembrance Day
Ceremonies at the Cenotaph:
Honoring a WWII Canadian Hero on 11-11-11

WWII Historical Reenactors at the annual "Battle for Nancy, France 1944" WWII Reenactment
in Waxahachie, Texas lay a wreath in honor of the late
Lt.-Col. Reginald "Rex" Fendick CD,
a CANLOAN officer who served in both 6th KOSB and Middlesex (MG) Regiments during the
Second World War (1939-45).  For more information, click on photo above, or go
Family of the late Lt.-Col. Reginald F. "Rex" Fendick
graciously donated Colonel Fendick's wartime
Tam-O-Shanter (TOS) Bonnet to
6th KOSB Historical
Reenactment Unit
.  Mick Stewart (left) with the
Colonel's wartime headgear.  This incredible gift will be
used for educational and remembrance purposes.  Click
photo (left) for more information.
Joe Hunt (above) with Ghurka
Rifles officer, Remem brance
Ceremonies, London, 11 Nov 2011.
 Click on
photo for story.